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Empowering women to discover their north star and navigate their journey to success.

The Clear Path Forward

All too often, women drain themselves while serving those around them.  Have you lost yourself in the service of others? Do you feel like you lost your identity after a major life event, such as finishing a degree, getting married, or starting a family? Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed because your cup is draining while you’re trying to fill the “needs cup” of your friends, family, and others in your sphere?

Are you ready to start living your life authentically and intentionally? To discover or rediscover who you are and the goals and dreams that drive you, and then actually work towards those dreams?

If any of these questions have run through your head, Kati Stoddard at Arcturus Coaching is here for you.  My goal as a life coach is to help women prioritize their self-care and self-growth so that they can fulfill their own dreams, while also sustainably serving in their spheres of work, community, and family.

As a certified Wellness and CliftonStrengths life coach, I work to help women define and redefine who they are, identify their vision and mission for their lives, and set and achieve goals that purposefully propel them towards the vision of how they want to show up in the world.

Why Choose Arcturus Coaching

Personalized Coaching

I understand that each woman’s journey is different. My personalized coaching approach ensures that you receive customized strategies and support tailored to your specific goals and aspirations.

Empowerment & Accountability


I believe in empowering you to take ownership of your decisions and actions. As your coach, I will provide a supportive yet accountable environment to keep you motivated and focused on your path to success.

Holistic Approach

My coaching goes beyond surface-level goals. I will help you explore deeper areas of your mind and life, such as mindset, habits, and self-discovery to create lasting transformations that impact all aspects of your life.

Proven Results


My clients have achieved remarkable results, from having the courage to go after their dream job and get it to personal transformations that reshaped their lives.


Through my journey with Kati, I found new tools to overcome my limiting beliefs about my potential and had a safe environment to practice applying these tools. Kati fosters an understanding that people, given the time and care, can recognize their personal strengths and utilize them to reach that next phase of life. Kati helped me hold myself accountable to my potential without holding onto shame and fear of not reaching my goals; she encouraged me to reframe my inner critic into a more supportive motivator. Taking time to talk and learn from Kati was invaluable, especially during a transitional period in my life.

Kati helped me identify a personal mission statement that I use weekly to try and assess whether the work that I am doing is helping me towards my eventual goals. She helped me identify what was most important to me as I looked for jobs and places to land once leaving grad school, and helped me work through beliefs about myself that were getting in the way of identifying what I truly wanted to embody as I live my life.

Kati has a beautiful ability to create a comfortable space without settling for the safety of someone’s comfort zone. As my coach, she honored the vulnerability I entrusted to her while also challenging me with spot-on questions and observations. The result is that I more quickly got out of my head, instead of staying “stuck in my feels.” This let me operate from a position of mental strength and confidence to resolve relational tension, zoom in on my more important goals, and let the lesser ideals occupy less energy. If you’re considering Arcturus Coaching – for strategic life planning, mapping your strengths and weaknesses, and making sense of your experiences so you can work for your dreams – you simply cannot go wrong with Kati Stoddard.

I had the privilege of working with Kati as I prepared for my debut presentation for a significant industry conference in February 2021.  Kati provided valuable coaching support to help me overcome various obstacles that I placed in my own way while preparing for my presentation.  Her assistance with staying accountable to my personal goals, overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying and overcoming emotional hurdles, processing negative emotions, and crafting a practical action plan demonstrates her comprehensive approach to coaching.  Regular check-ins ensured I stayed on track and her encouragement fueled my progress.  Thanks to Kati’s support, I walked into that presentation not only prepared but confident in my abilities.  She helped me overcome my apprehensions about putting myself out there while laying a strong foundation for repeatability with future presentations.  My success at the industry conference, shown in the positive feedback I received from participants, reflects the effectiveness of Kati’s guidance and support.  I am immensely grateful for her expertise and encouragement.



Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and achievement? Take the first step today by scheduling a complimentary consultation with me. Let’s unlock your full potential and make your dreams a reality!

Find yourself. Prioritize yourself. Surprise and amaze yourself at what you can accomplish when you work with Arcturus Coaching.